To a Healthier You in 2011: Start an Enzyme Flush
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To a Healthier You in 2011: Start an Enzyme Flush

New Years Resolution #1 for me each New Year since I learned about the raw food diet is to CONSUME MORE ENZYMES! I am a confessed obsessive compulsive when it comes to what I eat, but during the holiday season I definitely let my hair down and enjoy a cocktail (or two), indulge in lobster ravioli, eat pancakes, dance like no one is watching and the list goes on and on. I am a firm believer that in order to “stay on track” with your eating regimen you must indulge from time to time and really savor luxurious foods. After all, we are only given this one life – why not fully celebrate the pleasures of being human?


The parties are over and it is the time to rebuild. IMPORTANT NOTE – Be sure to leave the guilt we may have for our holiday indulgences behind! Remember, rewarding ourselves is part of the process. So…take a deep breath, focus and set your intentions on rebuilding your youth, vitality, immune system, and strength. The best way to cleanse the body for rebuilding cellular damage is to flush the system with living enzymes. Living enzymes aid in digestion, vitamin and mineral absorption, and the rebuilding of our cells on multiple layers within the body.

Think of living enzymes as “rust inhibitors” in the body that polish and bring life to our cells. Eating foods that are oxidized creates “rust” in the body. “Rust forming” indulgences like alcohol, cooked animal flesh, processed sugars, extracted oils which have been heated, and non-raw dairy products corrode our cells and form free radicals. Free radicals are what age the body and create disease.


Here are some really easy ways to flush the system with living enzymes:

1) Drink fresh juice (that you squeeze) each morning.

Here is my favorite recipe:

2 cucumbers
1 lemon
1 inch of fresh ginger
1 apple
1 bunch of fresh greens like cilantro, sprouts or kale

* avoid juicing high sugar vegetables like carrots and beets.

2) Eat a big fresh salad for lunch.

To your salad add raw nuts, seeds or avocado. Fats are vital to our health, but we should consume them in their raw whole food state.

SKIP THE OIL DRESSING! For a healthier dressing, combine: fresh lemon juice, Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s & fresh herbs. The biggest mistake people make when eating a salad is to overdress the salad with extracted oils. This adds unwanted calories and oxidized fats to the equation. Oxidized fats are the number one “rust-creating” foods we can consume. Cold pressed olive oil is ok but not ideal. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats oxidize easily when exposed to heat and light over time. For optimum health, opt for fats in the form of raw nuts, seeds or avocados.

3) For dinner eat more plants including as many raw varieties as possible. It is ok to eat cooked foods like beans, whole gluten-free grains, and lightly steamed veggies. Enzymes are killed when heated above 118 degrees so just remember to always incorporate raw foods along with the cooked foods. I absolutely love fresh raw salsa on my beans and steamed veggies. Micro greens and sprouts are another lovely way to add living enzymes to a cooked meal.


It is important to avoid the roller coaster ride of diets and mentally or physically challenging hard core cleanses. Think of this enzyme-rich flush regimen as a lifestyle change.


Once each day, eat something that brings you happiness. Little bites of sweet indulgence. The best choices are vegan chocolates, raw desserts or a piece of fruit. This will keep you in the game and make you smile. Being happy and enjoying the pleasures of being human fills the soul. A happy and fulfilled person is one who can remain disease free. Above all else, express love to those around you each and every day. LOVE above all else heals the body.

Cheers to a HAPPY & healthy NEW DECADE!!

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