Hi, I’m Sandy & Im a Twitter-A-Holic
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Hi, I’m Sandy & Im a Twitter-A-Holic

The internet has made it so much easier to locate people who you want to reach out to for advice or just plain see what they’re up to. Social media has made that process even easier. We are all accessible now via Twitter and/or FB. I frequently reach out to people in business who I admire and ask advice about a variety of topics both personal and business. I assume that I won’t get an answer, but I do subscribe to that philosophy of “You can’t win if you’re not playing the game.” I’m amazed that I can Tweet to an editor, producer, writer, biz personality or even celebrity…Many times I just comment on their tweets, not looking for response. It’s just fun to engage. Most people that I know who are not entrepreneurs or biz people are only on Facebook. I find Twitter so much more interactive and engaging because it’s real time conversation, not just postings. I highly recommend you try it if you are only on FB. Especially if you are thinking of starting a biz. Start to follow biz people or key industry people who you admire. You don’t have to comment or interact until you are comfortable but you will soon feel like an insider and know what’s happening with key players in your biz/industry. I’ve met so many amazing people on Twitter. I’ve even met a few IRL (in real life) after some tweeting. Twitter is known to be transparent. People seem to be honest and just want to build a community of like minded “tweeps” to chat with 24/7. It’s also an amazing resource if you are looking for an opinion or app or referral to anything. Bottom line, it’s just good, clean fun! But be warned, it’s addictive! Do you tweet? Lets follow each other. Tweet me @SandyAbrams

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