How to Host a Christmas Party on a Budget
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How to Host a Christmas Party on a Budget

Christmas can be one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. However, between buying just the right gifts, making sure the turkey isn’t dry and trying to stay within budget, it can also be one of the most stressful.
The good news is that you can host a Christmas party on a budget without sacrificing taste, color or festivity. Read further to learn how.

step 1

Take a second look in your pantry and refrigerator. Nothing brings home that sentimental feeling of Christmas’ past like the beauty and smell of food. Use sliced oranges to decorate your kitchen island for a colorful touch of fragrance. Those Christmas cookies aren’t just for eating either. Instead of piling them onto one tray, try putting them on several small plates around the house. Your guests will appreciate the convenience and color of these decorative and edible treats.

step 2

Let party favors double as place cards. Shop around for inexpensive glass ball ornaments. Pick up as many as you need then fill them with sprigs of tinsel for color. Use a metallic marker in gold, red or silver to write your guests names on them. Place one on each plate to indicate where guests are to sit. They will love the thoughtful keepsake ornament.

step 3

Do it yourself. Forget about catering. Hosting a Christmas party on a budget demands a little elbow grease. Create simple meals for much less than you would pay a caterer or deli. Most stores will shave or thinly slice your ham for free. You can then make dozens of pinwheels (tortillas, lettuce, ham and cream cheese) yourself for under ten dollars. For less than fifteen dollars you can create a cheese and fruit tray by slicing and dicing the fruit and cheese yourself.

step 4

Play Christmas music. Nothing sets the mood like music. With soft carols playing in the background, no one will care how much or how little you spent on decorating.

step 5

Light lots of candles. At your local dollar store you can pick up several tea-light or tapered candles inexpensively. Candles, like music, create a festive mood that will be enjoyed by all.

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