5 Ways To Reuse Paper Shopping Bags
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5 Ways To Reuse Paper Shopping Bags

Wondering what to do with all of those extra paper shopping bags?
Since more and more stores are now switching to paper bags, you more than likely have a closet full of them and no ideas on how to reuse them. The key to keeping paper shopping bags out of landfills is to find new uses for them that go beyond the obvious.

Wrapping Paper

Turn them into wrapping paper. You can do this by simply cutting the bags open at the seam and then gluing a few together for a large sheet. If you want to keep the look rustic, you can use string to close up the package. Otherwise, use stamps, glitter or other accessories to decorate the paper before using it.

Bring ‘Em Back

Bring them back to the store. Paper shopping bags are usually strong enough to survive several trips, just as plastic bags would. Just fold them and then ask the cashier to use your bag rather than giving you a new one at checkout.

Cover ‘Em Up

Use the bags as book covers. Large ones are ideal for textbooks or general books that are used frequently and need a strong over to help them withstand rough handling.

Get Crafty

Use larger bags (the type with handles) to store out-of-season items, including Christmas and Halloween decorations. If you have a hobby, you can use bags to separate craft items. Paper bags may be better than plastic because they won’t melt or stick to anything.


Recycle broken bags with other paper or use them as wrapping for fragile things you need to mail. If you’re storing breakable items in your basement or closet, try wrapping them first with old paper bags to prevent them from bumping or clicking against each other.

Tips and Warnings

If you run out of clean paper, you can use cut-out paper bags for your kids to draw on or to write lists or notes.

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