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am I driving in the right direction?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to guest blog for a childhood friend and role model for all women – Hollee Temple on her website www.thenewperfect.com

Hollee is trying to help women of today accept “good enough” as being the new perfect – what a fabulous concept! I have posted my guest blog here in the previous post in case you missed it.

I had an unreal amount of responses to my blog – I was shocked! Working moms wrote that they admired me for being “at home” for a DECADE. “At home” moms wrote about having similar feelings as me – “Where is the on-ramp?”

That is what my adventure is about – Where is the entrance back into the career world? Do I have to get back on the same exit that I got off 10 years ago? Can I go a new direction? Make a u-turn? Possibly even create a whole new exit for myself?

Of course, I raise all these questions about where I will go in my quest with the caveat of still being there for my boys. I cannot abandon my first career – my family. Recently, someone called me persistent, pertinacious, & dogged. I am going to take this description in a positive way. I believe that these qualities mean that I can do it all! I can construct a new exit for myself while not losing site of who I have been over the last 10 years.

Back to the women that responded to the blog yesterday: Most were motivated by me, Many wanted to help me and other moms, One mom commented that she was working for free to gain experience, Others did not know where to start. Hopefully, my driving course will be able to help others.

I am curious about the career moms that would like to help. …Let me know in what ways….


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