5 Things Not To Say To Your Pregnant Friend
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5 Things Not To Say To Your Pregnant Friend

1) You’d better get some sleep now!

Sure, when your friend’s newborn enters the world, she may lose so much rest that she’ll feel she’s been hit by a Mac truck. But isn’t it a bit early to be reminding her of that? In fact, her pregnancy symptomology itself- no matter how early it is- might be making it all too difficult for her to sleep in the here and now. Even if not, this clichéd advice will fall on deaf ears, and only serve to make her dread the newborn phase.


2) Have I told you about my epiosotomy?

The horror stories of labor and birthing that your friend will have to endure from friends, family, and strangers (that darn woman at the supermarket just won’t let up!) are innumerable. As her friend, be an oasis from that. Give her a pass on the gory details, at least for now (and even later, unless she asks for it.)

3) Hey, if you want kids so badly, you should take mine!

You might think you’re being funny, but in one fell swoop, you’re making your friend’s news all about you- and not in a good way. Let her have her moment without being reminded that her bundle of joy will eventually need a bundle of time-outs.

4) Oh, we have to go shopping! For carseats! For strollers! Have you signed up for a birthing class? When can we do your registry?

There’s a good chance that your friend will feel fairly overwhelmed with everything that she has to get done before the baby comes, once she really starts thinking about it. (Especially since no one seems to admit that all you really need the first few weeks are some diapers, some onesies, and a pair of arms.) As a parent already, it may all seem old-hat to you, and you might be dying to show off your knowledge and finally initiate her into the world you know intimately. But right now, ignorance can be bliss- you’ll have plenty of time to school her on the intricacies of swaddling when the date comes closer.

5) It took you long enough!

Meant in good fun, no doubt, this nevertheless can sting- few people like feeling like they’re way late to a party. And once again, this has a way of being a more isolating and exclusionary remark than an inclusive one, especially if your friend’s path to getting pregnant included more struggles or challenges than you realize.

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