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Girlfriends Are Important in Life AND Biz!

As moms, we find comfort in joining Mommy groups, playgroups, taking Mommy-n-Me classes  because everyone we meet is in the same boat. We can commiserate about lack of sleep, learn about the latest cosmetic that will cover under eye bags, laugh about things our kids say or how we lost our memory through pregnancy…But we can also inspire and empower each other. The same is true for womens business groups. Even if you’re not yet running a full fledged business, its great to join Womens Business Groups. Smarty LA/Smarty OC in southern California (www.smartypeople.com)is an example of a supportive group for learning, sharing, networking and having fun while growing in your professional life. Groups like this are there to help empower us in business. It’s not high school anymore (thank goodness!), these women truly want to help each other. Experiencing this type of professional group has been a wonderful addition to my life. Not only do groups offer networking and industry updates and technology know how, they offer the comraderie that comforts us in life…and in business. Sharing war stories is fun and allows you to learn and grow, the same way that Mommy groups make you feel validated that you aren’t the only crazy one experiencing something “odd.” These biz groups broaden your horizons…and warm your heart. I highly recommend googling your local business networking groups and/or trade organizations and just trying an event every now & then. Worst case scenario, you got out of the house and made a new friend! enjoy the biz journey.  

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