How to Make Room for a Baby
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How to Make Room for a Baby

If you own a spacious home, you may not be worrying about making room for a new baby in the family. But if you live in an apartment or your home is space-challenged, you may be worrying about how to make room for the new family member. Making room for a baby isn’t too difficult if you plan ahead. A few simple tricks can make your life easier by allowing you to have the space you need to live in without cramping your lifestyle. And once you learn about making room for a new baby, you could become a source of valuable information for other expectant mothers.

Step 1

Find a small crib on wheels. Smaller cribs take up less space, and the fact that it’s mobile allows you to move it around as your need for space dictates.

Step 2

Get a feeding chair that attaches to a dining room chair. This will save you the floor space needed for a high chair, freeing up that space for other uses. Other feeding chairs clamp onto the edge of the dining table, which would allow you to bring it along for eating at restaurants.

Step 3

Buy a dresser or cabinet to store baby clothes that is multifunctional and is sturdy. A sturdy storage cabinet will allow you to set a television or stereo on top of the cabinet, which means you can discard the TV stand, freeing up more space. A multifunctional cabinet may, for example, have a fold-out changing table, which will save space.

Step 4

Exchange your toy storage chest with stackable bins, which take up less floor space. Also, you can rotate which bin is on top, giving your baby new selections of toys to play with.

Step 5

Choose portable versions of baby furniture and accessories, which are smaller than the full-size versions. For example, a portable baby swing generally can be folded into a smaller space.

Step 6

Place a divider when you’d like to have the feeling that a baby is in a different room, even when the crib is in your bedroom, for example. This may not give you extra space, but it gives you the feeling of an additional room.

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