Learn How to Forgive
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Learn How to Forgive

Who or what do you need to forgive?

I know forgiveness may seem like one of those intangible ideals that’s just out of reach or a waste of time. But, it’s not. You can make the choice to forgive. And by making that decision, you can move forward on your path.

Resentment, anger, shame, and regret all keep you focused on the past and block you from accessing the realm of connection. In addition to robbing you of the present, lack of forgiveness feeds your ego mind- your Goblin– and keeps you in a Me Bubble. Forgiveness is one of the greatest keys to strengthening your intuition and making positive changes in your life.

I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for forgiveness. You may have heard me talk about my experience getting ganged raped when I was in college. After that experience, I was rightly angry and felt victimized. However, rather than feel the emotions and then let them go, I continued to think of myself as a victim, which only magnetized more pain. After years of abusive relationships, drinking, and trying to numb the pain, I had a spiritual epiphany in which I realized that I had to forgive if I wanted to move forward. Through giving up the need to be hurt and to hate, I’ve been able to finally have the amazing, healthy relationship I’d always wanted. Forgiveness also opened the door to my intuitive abilities and, well, now here I am doing intuitive readings for people across the world!

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself. It involves releasing yourself from anger and pain and choosing to live in the present rather than the past. You don’t have to forget whatever happened, but you do need to release the emotions and move on. Forgiveness doesn’t happen on it’s own, you must choose to forgive.

If you’re not sure what you might need to forgive, look at the repeating patterns in your life. When you don’t forgive, the same hurts find ways of showing up again and again. If you still feel like you’re a victim of something, you remain attached to that experience and it becomes part of your identity. You can rise above pain and see that everything has a purpose for rich lessons. When you accept your life as perfect just the way it is, intuition shows you the way and you’re able to fully immerse yourself in life.


This week, take some time to journal about forgiveness. Who do you feel you need to forgive? What would it be like to forgive these people? What’s it going to take on your part to forgive them? (Perhaps courage, strength, gratitude, etc.) Remember, forgiveness is a choice you make to let go of your resentment. It doesn’t mean you’re denying the other person’s responsibility or justifying the wrong.

You also may need to forgive yourself. In what ways have you caused wrongs to yourself or others? Do you need to make amends with anyone?

How has forgiveness impacted your life? Please share your stories to help inspire other readers.

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