Sweet and Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips
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Sweet and Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tips

This Valentine’s Day, spice up your look with some of these simple and sexy makeup tips. Every woman deserves to be glamorous on V-Day.

Tips to Start Off Any Look:

• Create a flawless-looking complexion using foundation or tinted moisturizer.
• Apply primer (an eye base) to your lid before shadow application.
• Groom your eyebrows.
• Smooth your skin–use an exfoliating body scrub in the shower.
• Try a touch of Bronzer on your forehead, nose and anywhere the sun would hit.
• Curl your eyelashes.
• SMILE =)

Elegant Woman

You are sexy, mysterious and so fantastic…could it be due to the subtle accents that bring out just the right facial features?

• Go for red, bold lips and neutral eye shadows.
• Choose colors that complement your skin tone and hair color. All shades can be divided into two families–cool tones and warm tones.
• Dab a very sharp eyeliner gently and with short strokes behind and in between lashes it should be barely noticeable, but lashes will appear dense and thick.

Sultry Seductress

For a smoky eye, line as close to the lash line as possible with eyeliner. Then use a small brush to pat in a dark eye shadow along the lash line on both upper lid and below the lid. You don’t want a stark line, instead you want to blend it so it’s “smudge-y.”

• You can carefully line the inner rim (waterline) of your lower lash line with a Kohl Pencil for a little more…ooh la la.
• Get glowing skin by blending liquid shimmer into foundation.
• Use peachy nude lipgloss or lipstick.
• Contour your cheek bones and dust a highlight over the tops.

The Romantic

This look is fresh and perfect for day as well as evening wear. Think something soft and pretty–pinks, lavenders, light browns, and nude.

• Blend liquid shimmer into foundation or lightly tinted moisturizers.
• Create soft rosy flushed looking cheeks.
• Curl your eyelashes for nighttime, apply an extra coat of mascara or use a more voluminous type of mascara.
• Invite a passionate kiss with pretty shades of your favorite lipstick and tinted gloss!

Fun and Flirty

Define your cheekbones using a bronzing blush. Give eyes more depth through the use of soft, shimmery golden-toned eye shadow and flirty lashes.

• Define the eyes using an eyeliner pencil.
• Go for a lighter shimmery gloss in baby pink, clear berry, or apricot.
• Choose neutral colors such as peach, light pink, light brown or something that matches your skin tone.
• Kick up your sex appeal along the outer edge of the lash line with false lashes like the new Ardell Accents #318

The Starlet

Get eyeliner-inspired by the 50’s glamour beauties: Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, and Elizabeth Taylor. All you need is a liquid liner to replicate this sexy look.

• Use eyeliner brush and cake liner
• Use liquid liner with built-in marker type brush or thin built in brush
• Use a neutral color on the lids.

Apply a liquid liner at the lash line on the base of your eyelid. For a more intense look, increase the thickness of the liner at the base the lash line then gradually thicker going outwards. The corners of your eye must have the thickest line. Try to wing the liner out a bit.

• Dab a tiny bit of your favorite light shadow into the corner of your eye.
• Give your cheeks that healthy flush with a soft pink shimmery blush.
• Top the look off with light peachy/coral lips or tinted lip balm.

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