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July Gift Shows are Approaching!

If you are making your trade show debut in this July’s Gift s
Show marketplace, here are some tips:

1. Be sure your booth’s signage is professional looking. You can use stock photo sites like www.gettyimages.com or www.istockphoto.com Have legible fonts and graphics, so your sign can be read by fast walking buyers.

2. Make your booth simple, effective and organized. It doesn’t need to be fully designed and staged. Buyers want to understand quickly what you are offering.
3. Pack and Ship Supplies with Tracking Papers. Make a list of each carton’s tracking number and contents. So, if you are shipping the product to the show and you are missing one box, you will know exactly what’s not there. Write your booth number ALL over the box, not just in one small spot. Prepare RETURN labels
ahead of time, so you can just place them on the boxes and be ready to return.

4. Bring plain white sheets to cover your booth at night.

5. Have a sturdy cart.

6. Here’s a checklist of supplies:
Box Cutter
Business Cards
Carpet/Flooring (at some shows the floors are bare and you are responsible for renting or bringing floor covering. You can buy inexppensive remnant carpeting at Home Depot!
Display Product/Samples/Testers
Display Tables and Table Coverings (you can rent these)
Promotional Fliers / Giveaway info
Purchase Order Forms in Duplicate (the buyer will want to retain a copy)
Scissors, Pens, Notepad
Snacks, Water, Gum, Mints
Staple Gun
Comfortable Shoes!
Trade Show Contract for reference in case they have you at a different booth number or some such mistake.

The more prepared you are the better the results of the show.  You will learn from each show about what works for your specific booth and travel situation. 
“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.” Zig Ziglar

Most importantly, have a great attitude, have fun, network, make the most of the show. Think of it as a 3 day job interview! Good luck!

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