Spiritual Baby Names
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Spiritual Baby Names

Parents who have a meaningful spiritual life are often eager to instill these concepts and ideals in their new children. By using spiritual baby names, these parents can start this process from birth. From classic Bible names to more contemporary spiritual name options, there many spiritually relevant names available to new moms and dads.

Spiritual Baby Names


This uncommon baby name refers to a religious adviser. If you want your new baby to be a person that others turn to in times of need, select this name.


The name Asher is found in the book of Genesis, making it a popular choice. The name comes from Hebrew and means “happiness.” It suits the needs of parents who wish to convey the joy that their child has brought into their lives.


The name Phoebe is a less common spiritual option, stemming from ancient Greece. This name, which comes from a word meaning “shining and pure,” makes it a choice for parents who value purity.


Faith is the basis of all religions. By giving your daughter this name, you can represent your dedication to having faith in spite of the doubts that others express regarding religion.


While most commonly associated with Harper Lee’s classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” the name Atticus was also the name of an early Archbishop of Constantinople.


The name Immanuel is from Hebrew and means, “God is with us.” This name is an appropriate choice for parents who wish to remind their children that God is ever-present in their lives.


The name Tobias can be found in the Book of Ezra, a section of the Hebrew Bible. This name comes from a Hebrew word meaning, “The Lord is good,” potentially reflecting your belief that God is a vital part of life.


Parents who are of Christian faith may find the name Christian fitting for their child. This name is from Latin and directly translates to “follower of Christ.”


The name Elisha, found in the Book of Acts, is of Latin origin. Meaning “luminous and perfect,” it is a fitting title for your new baby girl.

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