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What are some options for donating old (mine) and outgrown (kids) clothes? Can’t seem to get them wh

Hmmm….There are so many reasons to donate, some will motivate others won’t.  I like to think that by clearing out the old, it makes room for the new.  Worked when I cleared out my garage!  Here are some ideas for you:

            1.        Charitable donations – monetary and non-monetary – are tax deductible.  If you need that deduction, you need to move now to get those items out of your house and into the hands of a charity.

            2.        If you aren’t really that concerned about the tax deduction, there are usually clothing and shoe drop boxes in parking lots of large grocery chains and stores.  Next time you grocery shop, throw the clothes in your car and take a good look around for that large bin!  Get two errands done at once.

            3.        If your clothes and your kid’s clothes are in really good shape, look to your local consignment center to take them and sell them on your behalf!  Your old clothes can make you money.  And in this tight economy, every extra bit of cash helps!

            4.        Check with your church, synagogue or local Purple Heart, Salvation Army, Good Will or other charitable service.  With some, all you have to do is put them in a bag, call the charity, and set them on your porch.  They will pick it up!  Their web sites will give you the facts on where the donation goes, how desperately it is needed and the tax deductions you can claim.  Your local place of worship may also be sponsoring a clothing drive – give them a call and find out the details to participate.

            5.        Helping others can be your motivation.  Note: This year, one church we know usually ‘adopts’ 450 families during the Holidays to make sure they have the necessities and the kids have a Christmas.  This year that number skyrocketed to 751!  This is one church in one city in the US.  If you extrapolate that to the entire country, there are too many families that need your warm clothes to count.  As you count out your clothes to donate, count your blessings too!

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