Best Halloween Costumes for Moms
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Best Halloween Costumes for Moms

With Halloween quickly approaching, everyone seems to be scrambling to find a great costume before the big day. Some people wear the same costume every year, while others try to spice things up a big by wearing something new to each individual party.

If you are currently on the hunt for a great outfit for this Halloween season, you may find some of these ideas to be real keepers.

The Nurse/Doctor

Sure, there’s nothing all that “original” about going as a nurse or doctor for Halloween. However, these costumes have stuck around long enough to become crowd favorites for a reason. They can be pulled off by just about anyone, and there is a huge variety of potential designs to choose from. Dressing as a nurse or doctor can end up saving you a lot of time if you just want a costume and don’t really care much about how original it is. To make it more interesting, you can go the way of scrubs or the way of the popularized “slutty nurse.”

Red Riding Hood

A Red Riding Hood Costume is one of the most popular for women every Halloween season. The costume allows you to stay bundled up and beat the chill of late October if you are going to more than one party on Halloween. It is a very understated costume, making it an excellent choice for taking the kids out trick-or-treating as well.

However, you’re not limited to keeping the costume “kid friendly” if that’s not what you want. This costume is easily customized to suit any Halloween experience.

Superhero Costumes

There is certainly no end to the superhero movies coming out these days. As these movies come out at a very fast pace, Halloween costumes mimicking these heroes are starting to fly off the shelves. This is especially true with Captain America and Batman costumes. These costumes can be “adult” enough to be worn by grown people, but still “kid-friendly” enough to be worn by kids or around kids.

Make Your Own!

Of course, there is the great “do it yourself” option floating around out there as well. Every year, a lot of people choose to take this route when planning for Halloween. This will allow you to be as creative or non-creative as you want to be, since you can make the costume out of whatever you have on hand.

If you only want to go as a police detective, you can wear whatever suit you have laying around and get yourself a plastic badge. If you want to be something a little more creative, you’ll have the power to go down to your local craft shop and come up with whatever you want.


For some people, Halloween is not the night to play it straight. If you’re looking for a really crazy costume for this year, you should look no further than actress and model Heidi Klum. She has a big reputation as having some of the craziest Halloween costumes out there. In 2008, she had a custom-made Shiva costume made. If you use her as your inspiration, it would be very hard for you to go wrong.

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