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How can I organize my kids for a rainy day?

·         Before it starts to rain, get a box or bin and put ideas in it of things they can do.  Craft projects, art projects, things you can cook or bake together, movies you want to watch with them, books you want them to read or to read to them, etc.  Then with the first clap of thunder you will be ready to keep them busy and make the day fun for all of you!

·         Get the kids organizing!  It’s a perfect day to go through closets and pull out old worn items to toss or donate.  Go through the video games, movies, music, books and get them organized!

·         Go through toys and challenge the kids to take at least a third to toss and give to less fortunate kids.  They will have fun finding toys they forgot about and it will be like they are new again.

·         Get cooking!  Get the kids into helping you cook.  Make a great homemade soup on a cold rainy day! OR have them make lunch and choose dinner – one they can help prepare!

·         Promise them a movie after they get the chores done and settle in with pop corn and watch as a family a funny movie.

·         Set a time for the kids to have down time/quiet time to read a book or study.  This is also Mom down time!

·         Pull out fun crafts they can do.  Figure out the next holiday coming up and challenge them with making decorations for that day!

·         Have them sort the photos by person in the photo – or event and sit back and listen to the laughter and stories they will tell about that fun time.

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