Couple’s Spring Workout
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Couple’s Spring Workout

Who doesn’t like to fall in love? There’s nothing like it. But, as moms can attest, over time, couples start packing on the pounds. You’re taking care of the kids, working, and in short, running the entire universe. With so little time, it’s hard to squeeze in exercise, much less find time to work out with your significant other. Whether we like it or not, Spring is right around the corner, and bathing suit season is inching ever closer. That means it’s time to put down that stale box of Valentine’s Day chocolates and do something good for each other and for your family…Get cut not comfortable with the one you love.

I’ve created a routine that’s designed to be done twice each time you hit the gym and four times a week. It will have loved ones back to their pre-relationship bodies in no time. After all a couple that sweats together, stays together. 

Cupid Crunches – Targets the Obliques. Man and Woman are on tandem machines. Each person sits on the right outer thigh extending the left leg out. Hook leg under “X” strap. Holding the body bar, extend arms straight above the head lengthening the upper body, focusing on keeping the core engaged and chest open. Slowly extend arms and torso out. Hold for five seconds. Slowly contract and return to starting position. Perform 10 crunches. Alternate sides, doing 10 more crunches. Man and Woman alternate body positioning so they appear to form a T shape.

Lover’s Limbo Crunch – Works the Abs and Quadriceps. Each person sits facing forward on the rear platform of their respective machines keeping the tailbone tucked underneath for lower back support. Hook both feet under the S strap with knees bent towards the chest. Extend arms directly out from the shoulders holding the body bar. Arms should be shoulder width apart, palms facing down. (This is the starting position.) Keeping abs engaged, slowly release the carriage away from the body, keeping the body bar directly in line with the shoulders. and Crunch knees into chest, lifting the upper body to meet the knees. As the upper body returns to the starting position, arms press up above the shoulders reaching towards the ceiling. Focus on keeping the pelvis tucked underneath, protecting the lower back and neutral spine.

Tag Team Tease Him – Works the core with a focus on the Obliques. Woman places hands on the foot bar. Her shoulders are square to the bar. Cross the right foot in front of the left, heel to toe. While slowly releasing the carriage away from the body, keep the pelvis open facing outwards, legs straight, and the spine neutral. Extend legs out to a full side plank position engaging just the right oblique. Continue to keep pelvis open and spine long. Engage triceps to stabilize the upper body. Slowly contract the right oblique, keeping the pelvis open, and raise the hips towards the ceiling folding in half. Perform 10 reps. Alternate sides, placing left foot in front of the right. (This exercise is compatible with all Pilates machines.)

Tag Team Tease Her – Works the Obliques. The Real Ryder has a unique, articulating frame that allows it to steer, turn, and feel like a road bike. That side-to-side motion requires constant shifts of balance – continuous adjustments and corrections that correspond to a rider’s movements on the road while encountering wind shifts, obstacles, and banked and curving surfaces. While the woman is on the Megaformer, the man is on the Real Ryder Bike (or other stationary bicycle). If using a Real Ryder, he will steer and cycle to the right, holding that position for one minute. After one minute, he will repeat, steering and cycling to the left. Cadence should be between 80-110 rpms, using moderate resistance. After a total of six minutes (three minutes on each side), man and woman tag team and switch exercises. If a Real Ryder is not available, each person should ride for a total of six minutes using moderate resistance and at a speed of 80-110rpms.

Love in an Elevator Lunge -Works the Glutes and the Hamstrings. Woman places right foot on platform and left foot approximately six inches from the front of the carriage. Keeping the left leg straight, push the carriage back by bending the right leg, keeping the knee over the ankle and the knee stationary throughout the exercise. Bring the carriage back in by pressing through the right heel engaging the right glute and hamstring as the body returns to its starting position. Throughout the move focus on keeping the core engaged, the upper body tall, and the chest open, stabilizing the upper body. For a more intense exercise, the woman can hold 4lbs dumbbell weights giving the option to perform a variety of exercises like bicep curls, upright rows, shoulder presses, or lateral raises. Alternate legs. Perform 10 reps on each side.

Simultaneously, the man stands at the rear of the machine facing forward with 8-10lb dumbbells in each hand. As the woman lunges back on the carriage, the man stands with feet shoulder width apart and steps forward with the right leg. He bends the right knee in a lunge position at the same time the woman is lunging (cheek to cheek). He then presses through the right heel, engaging the right glute, hamstring, and quadriceps, right leg pressing back and returns to starting position. Alternate legs. Perform 10 reps on each side.

Couples Spoon with Tricep Dips – Works the Triceps and lower Abs. The man and women are on tandem machines. Each person puts their hands on the bars on either side of their respective machines. Both start with legs straight out in front of them. Each of them presses up off the bar, squeezing the shoulder blades, and keeping the chest open. Lift hips up into a pike position, using the lower abs and triceps for stabilization. Slowly release from pike position, keeping the legs tight, bending the elbows into 90 degree angles while keeping the shoulder blades squeezed together and chest open. Hold for four seconds. Press up for four seconds back into pike position. Repeat 10 times.

Push-Ups – Works the Big Muscle Groups: the back, core, glutes, chest, and quads. Get into Plank position holding bars with arms out to 90 degree angles. Keeping core engaged and spine neutral, slowly bend elbows lifting body up and down. Perform 10 reps.

Ahh…ain’t love grand?

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