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Help me organize my refrigerator

·         First, empty the frig and clean all of it. 

·         Put drinks in the door – like milk, soda, wine, beer, juice.  Put the drinks low enough so the kids can reach them without asking for assistance.

·         Put condiments in one area.  If you have room in your door, put them there.  You probably don’t use all of them all the time, and they usually come in smaller containers that can be grouped together.

·         Put a clear plastic shoe box or bin in your frig with all your sandwich makings for lunches such as sliced cheese, lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes.  When you go to make lunches, just pull out the condiments you need and this box and you are set.  Plus it helps you know when you are running low on lunch items.

·         Put all veggies & fruit away in crisper drawers

·         Try to keep meats together and put on paper towels in case the package leaks you will just have to throw out the paper towel instead of cleaning out the frig

·         Keep one shelf for leftovers – this way you know what you have that needs to be used up quickly or tossed after three days.

·         Keep eggs in the carton they came in and put in a place where nothing will get set down on them.  We suggest you keep a shelf under a meat or cheese drawer that is not real high and will just fit the egg carton and butter cartons.

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