How to Get Your Baby to Roll Over
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How to Get Your Baby to Roll Over

Helping your baby reach his milestones, such as rolling over, can bring you both great satisfaction. Make a game out of helping your baby roll over, while keeping her feeling safe and secure. As long as she is having a good time, she’ll be more likely to want to continue rolling over on her own. Keep in mind that some babies aren’t keen on rolling, so don’t push the point if yours doesn’t want to roll over.

Step 1

Lay your baby on his tummy on a blanket or towel on the floor. The blanket should be thin, such as a receiving blanket, so there is no chance of your baby suffocating in the thickness or fluffiness of the blanket.

Step 2

Show your baby a rattle or toy that interests her and place it just out of her reach. The item should be something she will reach for and try to get. As she bends, stretches and twists to reach for the toy, her neck and arm muscles will grow stronger, which will aid in her rolling over.

Step 3

Progressively move the toy further to his side until you move it below his feet. You can lay just behind the toy and talk to him and cheer him on, which will likely give him the confidence to keep trying.

Step 4

Help her reach the toy by gently pulling up on the blanket or towel, causing her to slowly roll towards the toy until she can grab it. She may be startled the first time she rolls, so keep your other hand on her back and tummy for reassurance.

Step 5

Put her back on her tummy and repeat the process a few times per day until he can comfortably roll over on his own. Rolling from his back onto his tummy will take longer to master, as that requires stronger muscles and more control.

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