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How can I sort my mail so it doesn’t turn into a growing pile that takes over my whole kitchen?

Mail is the most annoying yet necessary part of our daily lives.  The first rule of thumb is to do the mail everyday!  Yes, everyday if you want to keep on top of it. 


If there is anyway you can put a trash can by your mailbox, do so.  Go through the mail before you even go in your house and toss what you don’t need.  You know, those sales flyers to the stores you never shop at, promos you will never be interested in, the covers and inserts to your magazines that once opened seem to migrate all over the house.  Just toss them all before you come in!


If that is not an option for you, we suggest you get our Mail.sorter.  Keep it handy on a counter and use it to sort your mail.  Keep a trash bin by your Mail.sorter and toss the envelopes, flyers and just junk mail you get.  Keep and sort what you really want with the categories: Notice me, respond to me, read me and pay me – plus a larger area for magazines

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