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Simple tricks to organize the clutter and junk on your kitchen counter

·         First we suggest that you put away any appliance you only use periodically (can opener, coffee bean grinder, blenders, etc).  For example; if you only use your toaster or toaster-oven in the mornings, put that in a special spot in your cupboard – then just pull out when you need it and put it away when not in use.  Leave only two appliances on your counters – such as a coffee maker and can opener.

·         If you are able to wrangle your utensils into a colorful container/holder, do so – then at least if it’s out it is attractive.

·         Put all other items on trays – you will be amazed how organized your counter will look just by putting items on trays!  You can put your salt/pepper, sugar, powder creamer, oils, etc. on a tray to coordinate with your utensil container.  If you leave your toaster on the counter, try putting it on a tray too.  It will look coordinated, plus it’s an easy clean up of crumbs!

·         Put all cookbooks together – get bookends to coordinate or put up against a corner.

·         Create a mail center for any and all loose papers – use the Buttoned Up Mail.sorter and go through the mail as it comes in – toss junk mail and sort the rest immediately so to keep the clutter to a minimum.

·         Put all pens, pads, etc. together as well.  If you must have them on the counter, for phone messages, and notes, arrange them on a tray too and have in an area very near the phone.

·         Get a coupon sorter to hold coupons and put securely in a drawer, not on the counter top.

·         Like to leave snacks out for your family? – great!  Arrange them in a coordinating bowl – like an event planner would do – place the snacks together – chip bags, healthy bars & candy.  Put fruit out in a colorful bowl too!  The point is if you must have things on your counter, have them coordinate with each other!  It will look less cluttered and will look like you did it all on purpose.

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