The F Word
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The F Word

How often do you sprinkle the F word into your daily conversations? “My biggest fear is…” “What I most often fear is…” This insidious, immune-suppressing, seemingly threatening, adrenaline-racing word triggers in many of us, sweaty palms and tummy aches, overeating, under eating, headaches, sleepless nights and a plethora of other ailments. It strikes anytime, always lurking, patiently waiting for a weak moment to pounce. When we feel uncertain, incapable or doubtful, it attacks us with a debilitating force, leaving us paralyzed, scared shitless.

As parents, we teach our children about the importance of conquering fears. We look under their beds, check their closets to make sure the coast is clear and that no scary monsters are lurking in the dark. We remove their fear so they sleep tight, every night. Yet we have our own version of the dreaded monster in our closet. What do we do to eliminate our own fears when we cannot get a good night’s rest?

Fear is a natural part of life, yet we avoid it because of its projected pain, and allow it to hold us back and keep us from being our best. Each of us has developed ways, albeit often unhealthy ways, to manage our fears. What do you do when fear grips you? Do you sit and stew over your greatest fears, or do you acknowledge the fear, face it head on and stay with its uneasiness until it dissipates?

What you resist persists. If fear continues to crop up in your life, it may be an opportunity to explore the validity of your perceived, real or imagined fear. Pushing it away, ignoring and procrastinating only gives your fear momentum. It will keep coming back, like buyer’s remorse after paying retail. What if you could face fear head on? After you ride it out, it will ebb like a soft wave from the shoreline.

It is time to kick some butt and face whatever monster is lurking in your closet. If you could eliminate your biggest fear, how would that make you feel? Rather than losing another day, week, month or year of your life and missing out on opportunities, relationships and friendships, how about approaching your fear-fighting tactics differently?

Ladies it is time to get a good night’s rest, because a gal needs her beauty sleep. The next time you are in the throes of fear, consider telling it to “F off” and live your life indomitably.


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