Life Lessons to Learn from Spin Class
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Life Lessons to Learn from Spin Class

I recently posted Life Lessons to Learn from the Yoga Mat and gotten tremendous response. Recently my shoulder has been bothering me, which makes lots of down dogs difficult during yoga. So, I grabbed a girlfriend one day & got back into spin class at the gym.

I quickly became addicted and found some different life lessons to share from my spin seat:

1. When you least feel like doing cardio is when you feel the most amazing afterwards!

2. Knowing there’s a short amount of suffering time makes it easier to push through a difficult task. And pushing through it makes you stronger.

3. Getting outside your comfort zone allows you to grow. I tend to be a creature of habit, but I force myself to do new things and usually am very happy I did.

4. Having a friend by your side to try new things makes it much more fun!

5. Yoga & spin are so different, yet perfectly complimentary. It’s nice to have this type of balance in exercise and life.

6. A dark room, loud rockin’ music and pedalling like crazy is SO energizing, its a high, and I’m addicted!

What’s your good, clean fun these days?

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