How Can Women Increase Height?
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How Can Women Increase Height?

Whether you’re “petite” or just short, you may long to escape from the land of giants. You probably stopped growing taller in your late teens, but you don’t have to settle for the height that you are now. Whether you want to take drastic measures like surgery or just want to look taller, there is a solution for you.

Factors Behind Height

Your height is mostly a result of genetic and environmental factors, according to Scientific American. If parents are short, their children are probably going to be short too. One way to maximize your growth is to eat a variety of nutritious foods — but that mostly works during the time when you’re still growing. If you’ve stopped growing, it’s practically impossible to get your body to grow.


Most people slouch out of habit. This could be making you shorter than you already are. If you were to correct your posture, you may be able to add an inch or two to your height. Start paying attention to all the times that you slouch, and when you catch yourself, straighten up. Imagine that there is a string pulling you up from the top of your head. Stretching your back, neck and shoulder muscles can also help improve your posture, as can exercising your core muscles.


The shoes you wear can increase your height dramatically. High heels can add several inches to your height, but if you want something more casual, you’re not out of luck. Purchase shoes called “elevator” shoes, or purchase an elevator insert for your everyday shoes. This is a small wedge inside the heel of the shoe that lifts you up. It’s hidden inside the shoe, invisible to those who are looking at you. An elevator shoe can add up to 4 inches of height, according to Don’s, a maker of elevator shoes.

Illusion of Height

Choosing the right clothes does not literally give you height, but it can make you seem as though you are taller. When possible, choose solid colors from head to toe. You can even dress all in the same color. Maxi-dresses, which come down to the ankle, can make you look taller if they have a solid top and a small print or solid color on the bottom. Avoid large prints, which will make you look smaller.

Drastic Measures

If you’re not happy with these techniques, you can consider surgery. Doctors can break your legs and attach them to limb-stretching devices, which will make you grow taller as they heal. This is a painful and expensive surgery that will not be covered by your health insurance plan. The Ilizarov Traumatology and Orthopaedics Centre states that the average height gained from this surgery is 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 cm.

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