Dear Sara Evans, About Surrogacy…
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Dear Sara Evans, About Surrogacy…

Dear Sara Evans,

As a woman who recently gave birth to triplets as a surrogate, I find your recent comments to CMT about wanting a baby through surrogacy bothersome. What has her so gung ho about the idea? "I could, like, continue to drink wine and be skinny and have fun and then all of a sudden have this beautiful baby," she joked.


I’m not sure if this was a joke or played off as one but, I didn’t go into surrogacy to help out women who would rather drink, have fun and be skinny than restrict themselves and gain a few pounds for a baby. For me it was about helping a couple create the family they otherwise wouldn’t and couldn’t have on their own. You have the funds, and the ability to hire someone for any reason, sure, but personally I would rather help someone who needs it rather than just because the woman “despises pregnancy” – your words not mine.

That is just my take on it all, but then you made this remark, But if Evans goes through with her plan, she’s going to hire a surrogate she knows. "Someone I knew I could trust and they wouldn’t run off with my baby," she said. And that is just insulting. Women who choose to be surrogates are the most selfless, giving women you will ever get the pleasure to meet, and do not have any intentions of running off with their surrogate baby. To give up your body for the sake of another human, creating another family that isn’t yours is beyond amazing. How you can even think a woman of that quality would run off with your baby is incredible. Do you not realize the insult there?

More goes into being a surrogate and a surrogacy agreement than most people know. There are psychological tests, blood tests, physical exams with the fertility specialist, and a handful of hormone medication and injections. And if you (Sara Evans) want a biological child with your husband (as mentioned) you would also need to be on hormone medication that would release your eggs, followed by an egg retrieval procedure. Your husband would then have to give his specimen. From there the specialists would create the embryos that would be transferred into your surrogate who will continue with all of her injections and goes home to three days strict bed rest. After all this time, tons of money and emotions spent and invested into the procedure, there is still no guarantee that the embryos will stick. So it really isn’t easy as offering one of your sisters $20,000 as you were quoted as saying.

If you are really serious about using a surrogate to have a baby I’m sure tons would gladly help you out. But please, remember that the woman you choose to carry your baby is doing you a huge favor and giving you the gift of life. Everything you despise out of pregnancy, she loves. She is gaining weight for you and your baby, watching what she eats and refraining from alcohol. Everything she does is for you and your baby, out of the goodness of her heart. That’s what a surrogate does.

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