How Do I Get a Baby Into Modeling?
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How Do I Get a Baby Into Modeling?

If you’ve ever looked at a toy catalog, parenting magazine or TV commercial and thought, “My baby is so much cuter than these babies!” then you might consider perusing a modeling career for your child. Advertisers need babies of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Just like the adult modeling industry, baby modeling can be very competitive and difficult to break in to. Persistence and knowledge will get you so far. The rest is up to fate.

Step 1

Read about the child labor laws in your state. Some states require child models, actors and performers to obtain work permits, have physicals, open special bank accounts or meet other requirements. Acquire the necessary permits and accounts first thing.

Step 2

Purchase quality head shots of your baby from a professional photographer. You can add in your own snapshots if they’re well-focused, feature good lighting and capture why you think your baby would make a great model. Assemble the shots into a professional portfolio.

Step 3

Submit your baby’s photos to modeling agencies. You’ll find the highest concentration of major agencies in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. Include a brief letter that introduces your child. Outline any previous experience, if applicable.

Step 4

Follow up with the agencies you sent your photos to after one week. The agency will either decline, schedule an interview or keep your portfolio on file. Don’t give up hope if you get a series of agencies who aren’t interested. Keep submitting to various agencies.

Step 5

Attend any interviews you’ve scheduled. Agencies may have specific instructions for the day of your baby’s interviews, so follow them to the letter to make sure you’re not excluded on a technicality.

Step 6

Have a legal professional review any modeling contracts you’re offered to make sure they’re fair. Once you sign the contract, the agency will begin working to book your baby modeling jobs.

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