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ABC’s of a richer life~

Many individuals are living their lives on autopilot, going from place to place, but not enjoying the ride. We get so caught up in the details of life that we don’t really stop long enough to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Going from work to your blackberry to your cell phone and back again, becomes a bad habit that will rob you of being in the moment. I believe getting back to the basics is critical if you want to live a rich and prosperous life. Even some of the busiest people know the value of stopping every now and then in order to refuel and re-evaluate how their life is going. Otherwise you become a hamster in a cage, running endlessly around the wheel, but getting nowhere. Try some simple tips to get re-focused on what matters most.
1.  Awake and engaged

    Many people go through life asleep, not really awake and aware of what is going on.  They may go through the motions, but they are not fully present and engaged in the daily activities and joys. The first step in living a rich life is to become more engaged in your life. Put away the cell phone, the blackberry, the laptop or television. Remind yourself to be more aware during times that you should be enjoying the moment for what it is. Just the act of being more aware will act as a catalyst to ground you and open your eyes.

    An exercise for being more aware and awake in your life is to set aside 30 minutes a day to be fully present in whatever you are doing. If you are washing dishes, try thinking about nothing else other than the feel of the water and the sound of dishes. If you are watching a soccer game, really be involved in the game. Watch the players, talk with the kids, be aware of the weather and the energy.
    Get sticky notes and write the statement Be in the moment Put these notes everywhere in your home, in your car, on your computer. This will act as a visual reminder to focus on what you are doing right then, not thinking about the million other things you need or want to get done.

2.Be true to your values

Your values will guide you and act as a compass in your life. What you value, you state to the world as more important than other things, will keep you grounded on what really matters. It is when we get so caught up in the fast pace and craziness of life’s details, that we get further from our truths. When you disengage from your values, you ultimately end up dissatisfied and unfulfilled. Take some time to clarify for yourself what you value above all else. Then commit to only engage in activities that honor these values.
   Get out a piece of paper and write down everything you value in life. Family, freedom, creativity, travel, health, spontaneity, children and so on. Now I want you to narrow this list to your Top 5 values. This is what you are saying to the world is more important to you than anything else. Without these things, your life has little meaning. Now take a step back and look at how you are living your life. Are the commitments you make honoring these values? If you value your health, are you living a healthy and active lifestyle? This activity will be a wake up call to what changes need to be made.

3.Create social and support group

Having a strong social and support group will dramatically impact your ability to face life’s challenges. Taking the time to nurture this group of individuals will greatly improve your satisfaction in life. Friends will make your celebrations more meaningful and they will get you through the difficult times with comfort. If you do not make the time to nurture your friendships, over time you will feel lost and alone. Do you feel supported and surrounded by good friends? Do you make an effort to nurture these relationships? What simple steps can you take to make these people more of a priority in your life? Can you commit to calling a couple friends every week to touch base? Can you pencil in a lunch or coffee once a week? Can you schedule in a get away once a year? Jot down ideas and then begin to implement them.

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