Make Spring Cleaning FUN!
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Make Spring Cleaning FUN!

Every Sunday morning my family does our weekly deep cleaning. It is a time to clean up and organize for the week. We were sitting at breakfast when I reminded my kids that after breakfast it was time to organize their rooms, play some music, and have fun while they cleaned up a bit. My son remarked that Sundays were "lazy days", not clean up days. I then explained how much fun it could be (of course I was being a bit dramatic) and how good it felt to be organized. They all looked at me like I was crazy. However, it got me thinking and my kids headed to their rooms. I do believe that, little by little, I am teaching by example how important it is to organize your space on a regular basis. My children inherently know that it feels better when their rooms are clean, even if they push me a little along the way.

As adults, your outside environment is typically a direct correlation to your internal chaos. If you are feeling stressed and out of sorts, your environment may look the same way. On the other hand, if your environment is clean and organized, you will feel a sense of peace and calm. I know from first hand experience that when my office is a mess, I feel discouraged and unproductive. It feels good to walk into a home that is clean and clutter free. I remember when I was pregnant with my second child, I was pretty much nauseous the entire pregnancy. Because of this we decided to hire a housekeeper once a week to do the deep cleaning. I remember the feeling of walking through the front door after they had cleaned the house. It felt so good to walk into a clean home – pure bliss. Of course we didn’t keep the housekeeper forever, but it made us realize that a little effort on a regular basis went a long way. As I sit here writing these tips, the house has been cleaned, my amazing husband is putting the clean sheets on the beds, and my children’s rooms are fairly organized and spruced up.

1. Just do it
Before something else comes up, which it always will, pick an area that needs your focus and get to work. Look around your house and decide what area you want to tackle. Maybe it is your office or desk. Possibly it is your bedroom closet. What area is a nagging presence on your mind? Jot it down.

2. Make it fun
Cleaning up or organizing isn’t necessarily fun. However, there are ways to bring a little fun to the chore. Turn on some music. Open the blinds. Ask a friend to come over and help. Make it a contest with your children. Turn on the timer and see who can organize the fastest. Then have a fun reward. You can always turn the mundane into something a bit more exciting.

3. Think of the rewards
What are the benefits of cleaning up a bit? Will you be more productive? Will you feel more joy? Will it enrich your relationships? Clarifying why something will positively impact your life will help you stay motivated and on task. Think long term and try to enjoy the process. Even though I don’t necessarily love cleaning up, I do feel a sense of joy while doing it. It just feels good to get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. Good luck!

Leslie Gail is a Life Strategist and Author who helps women bridge the gap between where they are in their life and where they want to be. She can be contacted her for more information.

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