Techy Mom Lisa Rosenblatt: Why I Love My HP Mini Computer!
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Techy Mom Lisa Rosenblatt: Why I Love My HP Mini Computer!

Anyone who knows me understands that technology is a huge part of my life. I am an on-the-go mom with three kids, a demanding job, and a busy lifestyle that keeps me running around from the office to school to the grocery store to my house. I often wonder how other moms like me do it all without the handy gadgets available to us these days–smartphones, laptops, GPS systems built right into the car…I’m so grateful for the help they lend me every day! It’s essential for me to stay connected by keeping tabs on my email, texts, and phone all day long. How did our moms do this years ago?

As ModernMoms, we want to be there for our kids’ special moments and activities as much as humanly possible. But sometimes the busyness of life prevents us from doing so. If we don’t organize our schedules to accommodate for everything- something’s gotta give! Bringing my “tech” with me makes it a thousand times easier to manage my life and get my work done when I am away from my desk. I ordered grocery delivery and a book my son needed all from carpool line! LOL!

Being a mom is the best! There is nothing better than helping out in the classroom or doing a project with the kids. The look on my son’s face when I am the “class helper” for the day is well worth the time I took off from work. But what my son doesn’t realize is that I arrived at his school 20 minutes early and was able to slip in a bit of extra work before I came into the classroom because I travel with my laptop, phone, and any other tech that can fit in my bag. It helps that my laptop fits in my purse! It’s cute, pink, stylish and an adorable little friend to me! It’s a new HP Mini and it’s small and light enough to slide in my shoulder bag and carry around for the day. Its size is incredibly convenient and allows me to be in the loop all day long, no matter where I am. Love it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching my son’s 2+ hour football practice! I am ever the supporter of all of my children’s after school endeavors, I promise. But if I can squeeze in some work by logging onto my little computer while I’m there, I am all the happier, all the more organized and accomplished, and all the more able to keep on supporting my children in other ways as well.


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