Most Popular Sports for Children
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Most Popular Sports for Children

Sports help keep kids active and teach them about teamwork, how to lose graciously and good sportsmanship. According to The Sport Journal, there is a correlation between a teen’s self-esteem and her participation in sports, especially after a child enters high school. Participating in popular sports will also give your child a chance to meet friends she may not otherwise have the chance to get to know.


Basketball has been recorded as the most popular sport amongst children since the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association began compiling surveys in the late 1980s, according to the Sports Business Journal. Basketball is an active game that can be played at nearly any public park, as well as having private leagues, city leagues and school leagues. It’s relatively easy to play basketball if you know where a public hoop is and you have a ball, and there are almost always willing participants ready for a quick pickup game at the park.


Baseball is the second most popular sport for children, according to the Sports Business Journal. Long considered America’s pastime, baseball’s youth Little League has seen a steady decline in participation, according to CNN’s “Youth Sports Drawing More Than Ever” report. Baseball is a slower game to play and does require certain equipment, including cleats, a mitt, bat, baseballs, bases and protective gear for the batter and catcher.


Soccer is the third-most popular sport according to the Sports Business Journal. Soccer is a high-energy sport that entails a lot of running but needs very little equipment for a friendly game at the park. Two nets and a ball are all that is required. Organized soccer players will also need soccer cleats and shin guards. Besides gaining in popularity amongst American children, soccer is widely regarded as the most popular sport in the world.

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