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Navigating NYC – iPhone App for Moms on the Move

If you are heading to New York, download iKidNY, the must have app intended for savvy NYC moms on the move, but also a fabulous city guide for traveling famlies. Similiar to SJF, iKidNY believes in simplicity, which makes us love this handy little app even more. Developed by a local, this tool will help you find the closest parks, playgrounds, changing tables, indoor playspaces, museums, libraries, subway stations with elevators, kid-friendly restaurants, and more, all with the touch of a button. 

iKidNY is available for download at the iTunes store for a one-time download fee of $2.99. For more information visit www.ikidny.com.

Going on a Family Getaway? Head to www.seejanefly.com for family-friendly spots, kid-friendly restaurants, babysitting services and teenage-pleasing activities, packing lists, and more, enabling Mom to plan a trip with ease and confidence.

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