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Examples of C-Section Birth Plans

Cesarean sections, or C-sections, are major surgical procedures that are performed either in an emergency or planned because of abnormalities or risks with vaginal births. Whether you are planning to have the C-section well in advance or it’s a last-minute option, you should have a plan to have the delivery you want.

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Examples of Calorie-Based Diet Programs to Lose Weight

While fad diets offer weight loss solutions that cut one food group or combine foods, the basic answer to weight loss involves cutting calories. You can use a calorie-based diet on your own or you can opt for a diet program that keeps a watch on caloric intake for you. Smart dieters choose healthy, high fiber foods to stay full and feel good while watching their overall calorie count.

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Examples of Low-Protein Diets

Protein is important for a healthy body; however, there are certain conditions where it should be limited or lowered. Some conditions that require lower protein intake include liver and kidney diseases. These conditions can lead to high levels or buildup of urea (a waste product of protein metabolism) in the bloodstream, causing loss of appetite and fatigue. A low-protein diet will reduce the buildup of urea in the bloodstream.

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