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“Massaged” Caesar Kale Salad

Want to get your husband in the kitchen? Well, I was able to get the family active in meal prep with massage. Massaging kale, that is!!it might sound a little wacky but my clients always teach me new things and massaging this leafy super green is just one their great lessons. To Massage Kale: Rinse and chop kale into the desired size. Sprinkle olive oil over top of the kale. You can also add …

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Head Massager

All on-the-go moms share one thing in common – stress! With an endless to-do list, we are constantly moving to get everything done. Next time you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, treat yourself to a mini massage with the Kikkerland Head Massager!

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The Facts of Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy changes your center of gravity, and as a result, you may get neck aches, backaches and soreness in your shoulders. Massage is one way to help alleviate some of this pain, according to the Baby Center website. Although prenatal massage therapy is usually safe, talk to your doctor about getting a massage before you do.