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Programs at School for Troubled Teens

While teen boot camps, military schools, wilderness programs and boarding schools provide intensive, off-site support and direction for troubled teens, parents may prefer an in-school program as an initial measure. Before you get your heart set on a specific intervention, check your school district’s offerings, as programs vary according to local resources. Public schools often have a wider range of services than private and charter schools, due to legal requirements and federal funding.

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Behavior Plans for a Problem Child

Children who prove continually problematic may behave better with the guidance of a behavior plan. The purpose of a behavior plan is not only to ensure that the child’s behavior stays within acceptable norms, but also to teach him how to behave properly in the future. By building a behavior plan yourself, or partnering with a medical professional to create this plan, you can increase the likelihood that your child modifies his behavior and learns the skills necessary to behave properly.