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Posture Exercises for Kids

Children can be terrible slouchers! You know the symptoms- shoulders down, stomach out, back hunched. There is no time like the present for your kids to learn good habits. In fact, the sooner, the better. Even if you children do not have medical conditions, such as scoliosis, which cause back problems, they can still benefit from doing posture exercises. After all, many children spend part of their days in rigid school chairs or slouched on couches watching television or playing video games. Keep exercises short and pain-free to ensure they stick with the routine! And maybe skip balancing books on their head…

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How Much Water Should a Toddler Drink?

Just as you loosely track your toddler’s consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables, you should also make sure he drinks enough water. Water keeps your active toddler hydrated throughout his busy day, and it also delivers nutrients to different parts of his body, flushes impurities from his system and helps him sweat, which keeps him from getting overheated.

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Programs at School for Troubled Teens

While teen boot camps, military schools, wilderness programs and boarding schools provide intensive, off-site support and direction for troubled teens, parents may prefer an in-school program as an initial measure. Before you get your heart set on a specific intervention, check your school district’s offerings, as programs vary according to local resources. Public schools often have a wider range of services than private and charter schools, due to legal requirements and federal funding.

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Art Therapy for Abused Children

While most children find creating art therapeutic, the practice of art therapy has specific reverberations for a child who has experienced a personal trauma such as abuse. Art therapists employ strategies that encourage children to use nonverbal as well as verbal forms of communication. Effective art therapy helps children move beyond cognitive barriers and emotional challenges so they can heal wounds caused by problems in their past.

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Spiked Hair Cuts for Women

Give your hairstyle some life and lift with a spiky haircut. You don’t need to get a mohawk to rock some spiky locks. You can add layers, use hair products or insert clips to create a spiky hairstyle that works for you. Remember that maintaining a spiky haircut requires more frequent cuts and often more styling products than longer haircuts. On the plus side, you will use less shampoo with spikes than with long hair.