4 mins read

Twitter Tips

On my last blog post I had announced that I was a Twitter-A-Holic. I received comments that it’s a bit intimidating to just jump into Twitter, get started and make a comment to a total stranger. I hear this often, when I rave about Twitter to someone who has yet to build their community. I’ve given several small biz friends Twitter Tutorials and they have been very grateful as they slowly eased in and are really enjoying the real time conversation and networking of Twitter.

2 mins read

Tips on Growing Eyebrow Hair

Those patches of hair above your eyes are small and relatively insignificant. Once the eyebrows start getting sparse, though, these little swatches become incredibly important. Whether hair loss or overplucking has caused this thinning, you can encourage further growth and mask the sparseness until your brows come in thick and heavy the way you like.