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NatureLuxe by Covergirl

Summer is here, which means my kids are home and were busier than ever. Between camp in the morning, running to the gym when I have a spare moment, driving to soccer practice, packing bags for the beach, or picking up from soccer practice, summer is definitely not a vacation for me. Thankfully, I just found the NatureLuxe Collection from Covergirl. The products are easy to use, affordable, and designed with summer and accessibility …

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Bladder Leakage in Women

Twice as many women than men suffer from bladder leakage, otherwise known as urinary incontinence. Whether they lose a small amount whenever they laugh, cough or sneeze, or the urge strikes so quickly that their bladder empties completely with a few seconds’ notice, it can become embarrassing. Many women with UI avoid social situations out of fear they will not be able to get to a restroom soon enough. Understanding the causes and treatment of urinary incontinence can give you control of your daily activities again.

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How to Start a Woman-Owned Company

If you have always dreamed about owning a business, you are not alone. In 2009, more than 10 million businesses in America were owned by females, according to Gaebler.com. In addition, female-owned businesses grew at more than two times the rate that male-owned businesses did. Whether you want to open a retail store, a bakery or an engineering firm, there are resources, organizations and others that stand ready to offer guidance and support.