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Fitbit Recalls More Than 1 Million Wristbands Over Allergic Reactions

Yikes! One of the season’s hottest holiday gifts – the Fitbit Force wireless activity tracking wristband – is the subject of a MASSIVE recall after thousands of people experienced skin irritation and allergic reactions from the wristband.Last month, Fitbit issued a voluntary recall of the product, stating that “a small percentage” of users suffered skin irritation from prolonged use (note, consumers were encouraged to wear the wristband as much as possible while awake).On Wednesday …

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Contractions & Childbirth

“I’m starting contractions!” In movies and on television shows, that cry means a mother’s about to start childbirth. In real life, however, contractions can come and go during pregnancy. Understanding the various kinds of contractions–and why they occur–can help relieve some stress during pregnancy. It can also help mothers-to-be recognize and take action when contractions may indicate potential problems.