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Birth Control Options for Adolescents & Availability

While many parents hope their teenagers abstain from sex, the fact is that the United States has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the developed world, according to TeensHealth. Many birth control methods are available to both adolescent girls and boys without parental consent, though openly discussing such issues with your children is usually more helpful than avoiding them, according to the Center for Young Women’s Health.

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Green Breakfast Smoothie

You know that euphoric feeling you get on those mornings when the kids get up on time and happily finish their breakfast without a complaint--and it's a breakfast that you feel good about giving them?  Every time we serve this smoothie we seem to have one of those mornings! The greatest thing is that this smoothie…

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Tips for Better Grades

Tips for Better Grades Good grades are important. They enable you to have a higher GPA, give your resume a boost, and open up avenues for recommendations and job opportunities. Good grades also represent something else: an investment of time and effort. But life happens. Sometimes a less than perfect grade reflects a span of…