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Makeup for Stretch Marks

People get stretch marks when the collagen in the skin breaks down under the stress of extra weight. Common reasons for stretch marks include a pregnancy, gaining extra weight, bodybuilding and rapid growth during puberty. Stretch marks look red in the beginning and turn white as they heal. Massaging stretch marks with a lubricant, such as cocoa butter, can help scars heal better, says Dr. Michael Bermant, board-certified plastic surgeon in Virginia, on the Plastic Surgery 4 U website.

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Skin Removal After Weight Loss Surgery

As you gain weight, your skin expands to accommodate underlying fat. But in cases of extreme weight loss, such as after bariatric weight loss surgery, patients are often left with unsightly excess skin. Because of its decreased elasticity, this skin tends to hang, sag and give a body a lumpy appearance. According to Dr. Michael Bermant, board-certified plastic surgeon, this is not a problem you can correct with diet or exercise alone. Excess skin must be surgically removed.