Makeup for Stretch Marks
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Makeup for Stretch Marks

People get stretch marks when the collagen in the skin breaks down under the stress of extra weight. Common reasons for stretch marks include a pregnancy, gaining extra weight, bodybuilding and rapid growth during puberty. Stretch marks look red in the beginning and turn white as they heal. Massaging stretch marks with a lubricant, such as cocoa butter, can help scars heal better, says Dr. Michael Bermant, board-certified plastic surgeon in Virginia, on the Plastic Surgery 4 U website.

Makeup Versus Other Methods

Using makeup to camouflage your stretch marks is a reasonable choice because, once you get the scars from stretch marks, the only way to get rid of them is to cut them out, says Bermant. Cutting them out will also leave a scar, so that is not always the best alternative. Some doctors may claim that laser treatment can help with stretch marks, but Bermant is skeptical. He reports that he has never seen a study that claims that laser treatment works on stretch marks. Covering your stretch marks with concealing makeup may be the most effective and cost-efficient alternative.

Heavy-Based Makeup

Choose a heavy-based makeup made to camouflage pigment in the regions affected, recommends Bermant. This type of heavy makeup conceals the different color of your stretch marks, but only partially helps with contour problems. Some stretch marks sometimes have deep creases or shadows. The thicker makeup can improve some, but not all, of these issues.

Sunless Tanning

Sunless tanning treatment works for some people to conceal stretch marks, according to the Kids Health website. Both over-the-counter lotions and salon-type spray tans can be effective. Tanning beds and regular tanning do not work because stretch marks do not tan.

Home Remedies

The Free Beauty Tips website offers some home remedies that you can try to help with the appearance of stretch marks. Ask your doctor if you can use vitamin E daily. If you can, take a vitamin E capsule every day or break open the capsules and add the vitamin E to your regular body massage oil. You can also try smearing the affected area with egg white. Let the egg white dry on your skin; then wash it off with ice-cold water. Doing this on a regular basis may improve your stretch marks.

Minimize the Appearance

You can buy some creams that help reduce inflammation in the skin, which may help with the appearance of your stretch marks. Topical creams that contain alpha-hydroxy acids or Retin-A may help. These products can also build collagen in the skin, which helps with skin’s appearance, according to the Stretch Marks website.

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