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The Gift Of Play

When my siblings and I were kids growing up in Washington DC in the 1970s, afterschool activities meant playing kickball or exploring Battery Kemble Park with a few dozen other elementary school children, unsupervised by adults. Christmas presents for the luckiest families meant toys, books and stuffed animals. We never saw a flash card or…

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Disney Imagicademy Disney Imagicademy is a new technology-driven learning initiative designed for families with children 3 to 8 to encourage children to learn by creating, doing and making. This new brand offers parents a way to expose their children to fundamental educational concepts in a fun and uniquely Disney way, by combining the Disney characters…

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A Bonus Year Of Childhood

My kids elementary school goes through sixth grade, and for that I am eternally grateful. Its an anomaly in LA, and probably in most parts of the country, where primary school is normally K-5. And now that my daughter is in sixth grade, being able to put off middle school for another year has felt like a huge gift to me.A bonus year of childhood, if you will.Middle school, as we all …

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Gift Ideas for In-Laws

Scrambling for some last minute gifts? It’s easy to get super stressed, especially if your in-laws haven’t yet been crossed off your holiday shopping list. If your in-laws already like you, choosing a gift may not be so difficult, but if your relationship is rocky and your mother-in-law can’t stand you, it can be a real challenge!

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Childhood Lessons in Finance

BIG Disclaimer: I am not by any means a financial professional! Besides a few random accounting classes I took while pursing my economics degree, which I remember about 0%, OK maaaaybe 1% credit and debit, I don have ANY background in finance. What I am about to share is based solely on my own personal experience of what has worked and has not worked for me in terms of managing our familys finances.