3 mins read

Tooth Brushing for Children

What do LED lights and hidden web cams have to do with getting your child to brush his teeth? In most cases, nothing. But, scientists at the National Taiwan University created an interactive video game that shows kids which areas they successfully managed to rid of plaque and debris — and which areas still need cleaning. Kids appear to do a better brushing job using this special toothbrush, but you can get your child to brush even without all the bells and whistles.

1 min read

How to Wear Cream Blush

Some women tend to shy away from cream blush for fear that it will give them an overly made-up appearance. Worn correctly, though, cream blush can provide a natural burst of color to your cheeks without looking harsh. Better still, cream blush tends to wear longer than powder blush, giving you a fresh, just-applied look throughout the day. If you are new to the cream blush scene, choose a color that is slightly darker than your own skin tone, for a healthy glow.

2 mins read

How to Wear a Contact Lens

If your vision leaves a bit to be desired, but you just don’t like the look of glasses, you do have another option. Many people opt to wear contact lenses instead of glasses to get the vision correction they require. If you think that this option is the right one for you, you simply need to acquaint yourself with the art of wearing contacts.