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Cosmetic Dentistry for Children

While a temporary gap-toothed smile is an adorable part of growing up, some children possess dental deficiencies that will not go away without medical treatment. If your child’s smile could use a little repair, cosmetic dentistry may be a good choice. The practice of performing cosmetic dentistry on children, something that was once quite rare, is becoming increasingly common.

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How to Help a Child Who Is Terrified of the Dentist

A trip to the dentist causes some children fear and anxiety. Helping your child face his fears of the dentist makes the regular check-ups more tolerable for everyone involved. Whether the anxiety stems from a negative experience or a fear of the unknown, addressing the cause helps your child work through his fear. Your child’s personality and method of dealing with fear also play a role in conquering the dreaded trip to the dentist.

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How to Find a Family Dentist

A family dentist centralizes everyone’s dental care at one office. One dentist for the entire family often gives you a chance to build a more personal relationship. Picking a random dentist from the yellow pages is an option, but you’re taking a gamble. A more analytical approach to selecting a dentist increases the chances of finding a provider who works well for your family. The dentist’s personality, philosophy and location are just a few considerations.