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Foot Cramps in Children

While some of your child’s aches and pains have a clear and obvious cause, because children are often active and injury prone, others may not be as easy to discern. Your child may experience cramping in his feet for a variety of reasons. Determining the cause of his cramps can help you treat his condition and ease his discomfort.

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I used to think I was a good mom.

Until my sweet 12-year-old daughter starting surreptitiously videotaping me with her phone. She chooses random, boring daily moments when Im not posing or even paying attention. And then she plays them back to me, her face deadpan, like a lawyer presenting irrefutable evidence to the Supreme Court justices. Me telling her (for the five hundredth time in one night) to brush her teeth before bed. Me explaining why I am, and any self-respecting female …

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Surgery for Crow’s Feet

Those fine lines around your eyes are one of the first and most visible signs that you’re getting older, says dermatologist Fredric Brandt in “Allure” magazine. The combination of depleted fat and collagen stores in that area and reduced skin elasticity creates a fine network of lines often referred to as crow’s feet. If you’ve got them, surgery may be one way to make them less noticeable.