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Winter Sports You Can Do With Your Kids

It’s that time of year that we make New Years resolutions – and most lists include staying healthy or getting into shape. In addition to eating healthy, and starting my 30’s healthier then I started my 20’s, I also included being a more patient, loving, and also fun mom as one of my resolutions.

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Quitting Meat For A Month

It started out as a regular lunch play date with my friend and our kids… who knew it was going to be one of the last turkey sandwiches I was going to eat for a while, if ever again?

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Vegetarian Recipe Swaps For Super Bowl Parties

I started this football season making veggie burgers for a tailgate party because I was going meatless for 30 days. I am still trying to not eat meat, so I thought I would stick with it for this Super Bowl Sunday.My friend Tiffany Russo (who also is a nutritionist who specializes in plant-based foods) helped me come up with some vegetarian and vegan recipes that still have the taste of traditional Super Bowl foods …

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Teach Your Kids How to be Good Sports!

The New Year is a time to reflect of personal goals or projects that we want to work on over the year. But what about resolutions for our kids? Even at the young age of four, I decided that this year would be a good time to sit down with my son and explain the concept of New Years resolutions.