Winter Sports You Can Do With Your Kids
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Winter Sports You Can Do With Your Kids

It’s that time of year that we make New Year’s resolutions – and most lists include staying healthy or getting into shape. In addition to eating healthy, and starting my 30’s healthier then I started my 20’s, I also included being a more patient, loving, and also fun mom as one of my resolutions.

It is so much easier to stay active during the warmer months with kids. However, here are some fun winter sports ideas for the entire family to stay active, and have fun!


I hate going out in the cold, especially in the snow, but the kids love it. If I am going to be out in the cold, why not make it worth it.  Going sledding with your kids can burn up to 477 calories in just one hour. All that hiking up and down the hill will be worth it for your butt and legs! Plus you won’t feel the cold if you’re working up a sweat!

Ice Skating

Getting your kids on ice skates at an early age is great skill for them to learn. I am not the best ice skater, so this would be great for my core, and balancing! Ice skating also helps lose weight it is a great aerobic workout, and fun for the entire family!


Bundle up, and get outside for 30 minutes for a quick game of basketball with your kids on the driveway. Or go to a local indoor gym like the YMCA for a basketball game indoors, for a great cardio work out. Plus basketball is a great way to teach kids about teamwork! Something we try to teach our kids everyday. All that passing the ball is good for the arms too!


459 calories per hour plus all the memories created taking your kids skiing! Snowboarding is also a fun way to burn off those extra holiday cookies!

Indoor Swimming

Finding a local arena club with an indoor pool would be an awesome treat for the entire family. My kids love to swim, and getting to do it in the winter is such a cool treat. Maybe doing this activity after all the others would be better, because I don’t know about you but I am not ready for bathing suit season right now! However, swimming we all know is a great form of exercise, and will get us excited for spring/summer.

What are your favorite winter activities with your families?

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