Choosing the Best Sports Camp for Your Little Athlete
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Choosing the Best Sports Camp for Your Little Athlete

This summer, I am looking for a sports camp for my five year-old to attend for one week. Between moving, vacations, and days at the pool, we have lots to do this summer, but I think a summer camp would be so much fun for him!

As I began to look for camps, I realized there are so many to choose from, and choosing the right one might be harder than I thought.

Here are some tips that I have found along the way that helped me pick the right camp for my son:

Ask Your Child!

Ask your child what sport is their favorite, and pick a camp based on that. They have camps for every sport from soccer to lacrosse to running to tennis.  Even hiking camps and karate camps are offered in most communities. Some camps I found offer a mix of sports, which is great for younger kids that might get bored with just one sport.

Skill/Play Camps

Make sure you are looking at what the day to day schedule of the campers will be. Some camps are more skill based, and help build on the skills your little athelete already has.  That’s great, but it can be a little intense for someone who is just looking to have fun playing a sport.

Call the camp and ask them what their goal for your little camper is.  This can help decide what sports camp is best. A lot of colleges offer camps for elite athletes looking for students that want to play sports in college. This is great for future student athletes, but not the best camp for someone just playing sports for fun, or looking to make new friends.

Visit the Camp

Check out the beginning of the summer sessions of the camp before, and if your child likes it, you can sign them up for the next session. A lot of camps are weekly, and they are happy to give you a tour and sign your child up for the upcoming weeks!

Camp Counselors/Coaches

Look to see who is running the camp. Are there skilled coaches that know the sports that will be played in your child’s camp? Find out how what is the kid to coach/camp counselor ratio to see how much attention your child will be getting in the camp.


For me, this was very important. With a baby that is napping still, and not the best in the car, I didn’t want to choose a camp that was far away. Also, I wanted Nicholas to be able to make friends at the camp, and hopefully they won’t live far away from the camp’s location. Close proximity may not be important for you, but if it is make sure you check out all the options in your area!

Happy Summer, Modern Moms!!

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