10 mins read

What’s Your Parenting Style?

The way we raise our children is often similar to the way we were raised. For example, I was the child of an “overly worried/overprotective” wonderful mother and I find myself treating my kids exactly the same way!

4 mins read

The Best Love Matches for Virgos

Virgos, born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22, have a reputation for being cool, reserved and unromantic. The reality is that Virgos are choosy about their lovers and careful with their emotions. Virgos believe in true romantic love and refuse to settle for anything less than the ideal mate. Other Earth signs offer many of the qualities that Virgo looks for in a mate, says Joanna Woolfolk in “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.”

3 mins read

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Naturally

Frizzy hair is the bane of many a curly girl’s existence. How do celebrities such as Minnie Driver and Susan Sarandon manage to rock their curls without descending into the frizzies? Of course, it helps to have a personal stylist but anyone can get rid of frizzy hair by adopting a few lifestyle changes and using effective products.