5 mins read

Organize to Effectively Manage a Serious or Chronic Illness

A diagnosis of a chronic or serious illness is life altering. It is entirely normal in the days following to feel a bit numb, not to mention out of control, overwhelmed and lost. But your ability to get back a sense of equilibrium is critical to effectively managing your disease. As a practicing Internist and Rheumatologist for the past 35 years, Dr. Smith has observed that those who take immediate steps to get themselves organized to manage their illness, rather than the other way around, are the most successful.

2 mins read

How to Communicate Feelings Effectively With a Spouse

Good communication skills are important for building and retaining a strong relationship. If talks with your spouse often end up in shouting matches or with hurt feelings, then a tweak in how you communicate with your spouse is in order. Next time you broach a tender subject, take these steps to keep the communication flowing more harmoniously.

3 mins read

Unlocking the Mystery: Why Alcohol Is a Chef’s Best Friend

Why use alcohol like vodka in cooking if it just evaporates during the process? What benefit does it provide if it seems like all of it is cooked away? Cooking with alcohol isn't limited to just wines and spirits like vodka; around the world, unique alcohols play pivotal roles in traditional dishes, bringing out flavors…