5 mins read

Where Does Halloween Come From?

My very inquisitive six-year-old asked me why people dress up on Halloween. I was stumped. I am usually a reasonably informed mom with a quick story about all the cool things in history that have formed our current day celebrations. But not this time I didnt have any answers!

5 mins read

Are You Guilty Of Competitive Parenting?

In the wake of the Varsity Blues Scandal everyone is asking the question - how did modern day parenting get here? Obsessive-compulsive behavior in parenting is nothing new. However the terms used to describe it have evolved. First there was the “Tiger Mom”, which morphed into “Helicopter Parenting” and now this has turned into “Intensive…

2 mins read

Use Your Brain!

“When are you going to start using your brain?” Come on, we have all said it at one time or another when our kids are not making the best of choices. And sometimes, those choices are pretty unbelievable. But, the truth is, we cannot expect our kids to use their brains unless they learn how.…